Kåre Bach Kristiansen

Per Kristiansen
Strategy Development and Implementation
Future Scenario development
Executive Coach (NeuroLeadership certificate)
LEGOSERIOUSPLAY Facilitator &  Master Trainer
Pers specialty is assisting companies in making robust strategies in rapidly changing environments.
Per is deeply rooted in knowledge about mental / cognitive working models (NeuroLeadership) and the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method. In the latter, he also certifies other facilitators worldwide. Per is one of the pioneers in creating a “safe space” where the management team can 'play' and create new learning, new knowledge and new paths to success. Pers combination of solid experience in facilitation and extensive knowledge about how the brain works represents a unique capacity for strategy and business development, as well as change and innovation processes.
•    LEGOSERIOUSPLAY Facilitation & Training
•    Strategy development and implementation 
•    Change & Innovation Processes
•    Core values, Core purpose & Vision
•    Organizational Learning
•    Executive Coaching
Per has a vast and rich experience from working in international and intercultural environments.
Per is one of the creators of the LEGOSERIOUSPLAY method. He has helped to spread it throughout the world and has helped to lead many companies to new successes. He has co-authored “Building Better Business with LEGO SEROUS PLAY” (exp. Summer 2014; Wiley)
With Per involved, many customers experience playful fighting in a safe for the first time and how that opens minds, visions and enable new actions. Per is considered a valuable asset for many companies and boards in their strategy efforts and they appreciate his extensive knowledge as well as his analytical and powerful approach in his facilitation and coaching. 
Experience and Education
Per has been a global leader for the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY business unit in LEGO, and prior to that he was the Director for Europe and the Middle East in Executive Discovery He has been Head of Park2Schools and Head of Park2Business at Danfoss Universe, and worked as a Management Consultant for CSC Scandinavia. In addition, Per leading the "Advisory Board for LEGO SERIOUS PLAY" and has several other advisory board positions on his resume. He is also co-owner of a wine bar in central Copenhagen. 
Per has a M.Sc. from CBS and a coach training from NeuroLeadership Group. He has also followed Leading Change & Organization Renewal at Harvard Business School and "Leadership Foundations" by Peter Senge (Society of Organization Learning). He is certified in Cynefin method of Dave Snowden, Cognitive Edge, and trained in Transformative Scenario Development by Adam Kahane and Reos Partners. Finally, he holds a certificate program in "Foundations of Neuroscience Leadership".
Contact Per at: per.kristiansen@trivium.dk / cell: +45 2711 1812; twitter Per_LSP


  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Future Scenario development
  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator
  • Master in Political Science from Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen


Kåre recently joined Trivium, prior to that he was founder and principal of KaareLBK – where he focused on change/development within strategy, business development and strategic relations. He has served as an executive adviser on strategy, organizational development and stakeholder management.


Prior to founding his own agency Kåre was Chief Adviser at Bindslev AS, Public Affairs Manager at Danish Design Center, senior adviser in Public Affairs og Public Relations at Advice A/S and consultant at the Confederations of Danish Industries (DI).


Kåre has delivered strategy development and –execution for Københavns Madhus, Frederiksberg Kommune, Slagelse Kommune, Helsingør Kommune, Københavns Projekthus, HK, Socialpædagogerne, Region Hovedstaden, DAMVAD, Finansforbundet, /KL.7, C.F. Møller Architects, Advice A/S, Cabana A/S, Demant Group Services IT, SYBO Games and Kiloo, DR, SMOKA, and he has been a part of the team behind the large scale scenario project DK2050 based at the Danish Architectural Centre with the participation of 10 municipalities, 4 ministeries and 2 regions.


Kåre is a certified facilitator in LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and a very experienced moderator at conferences and events.


Contact Kåre at:  // Cell: +45 2191 9314