Gustav Anker Sørensen


  • Transformation
  • Synchronization, Robust Dialogue and process innovation
  • Executive Mentor
  • LEGO® SERIOUSPLAY ®Consultant / Facilitator
  • Master of Economics

Gustav primary focus is Transformation of business and organizations

Combining a deep business understanding and more than 30 years of experience of engaging people in formulating and realizing a new reality, Gustav have driven, facilitated, executed and mentored a number of compelling and successful transformations. Turning a traditional financial control organization into a “big data” backed customer focused information hub. Transforming an internal engineering function into and international business unit with a global footprint. Transforming a 24/4 power plant organization into a stop start organization ready for the green energy business realty. Transforming a Traditional IT organization into a customer and business process focused IT consulting organization. Transforming a local pharmaceutical production organization into a global delivery production organization. “Thinking strategically and playing to stay alert and adpative give the customer a platform for building a new position, delivering new opportunities for development and sustainable success. It is amazing how much the future can tell you, if you really play with it.” according to Gustav.

The Proof

Gustav has been involved in hundreds of development projects. He has deep insight in the Pharmaceutical, Engineering and Finance industry, and has delivered a number of significant results, changing the direction for the customer. He has likewise developed a number of IT strategies accelerating and supporting the customer’s business strategy.

How He Does

It Gustav follows the same basic and robust strategy and execution principles, which have been robust to different industries and functional areas. If an organizations or a person really want to understand the “system” they live in, Gustav brings them into a learning mode, and a mode where there are willingness to challenge some of its basic assumptions personally and about business, the way to learn is to play. Play is an essential part of his work method. To transform strategies into results Gustav has a number of well proven tools to facilitate transformation of strategies into action, and bring home results that hit the daily operations. His hardest learning: “If you don’t involve people and bring knowledge in play, dare take the robust dialogue, and relentlessly seek the root cause of a problem, you have to ask for too much luck!!”

Short CV

Presently, Gustav is managing partner at Trivium and one of its founding partners. Prior to his work at Trivium, Gustav was Director of Gartner Consulting, a consulting unit of Gartner INC the leading consulting and Research Company of the IT industry. Prior to Gartner, Gustav was head of change management and IT strategy in Unibank, now the Danish part of Nordea. He has 10 years of experience in Finance doing financial planning, internal and external Finance as well as risk management. Gustav holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Copenhagen, supplemented with a number of management development programs.


Mobile: +45 29 61 34 54