Eva Bie Lilleør


  • Leadership development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Stress coaching & counselling
  • Mindfulness for Organizations
  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator

Eva builds bridges between strategy, employees and management to ensure synchronization

Do you experience that many existing or reoccurring problems could have been prevented by a more open, robust and timely communication? Do you find that your problem solving meetings tend to focus on the problems and not the solving solutions?

Through facilitation of workshops, coaching and/or training of managers, specialists and project managers in communication, Appreciative Inquiry and people skills Eva helps to synchronize the organization. The synchronization ensures motivation, real common goals, ability and power to take actions when needed. About appreciative communication Eva says: “Appreciative leadership and communication is not, as perceived by many, about praise or being overly optimistic. Appreciative leadership and communication is about being genuinely open and curious of each other, of the cause of the problem and then to focus on the possible benefits and learning of the situation.”


Eva offers services to all size companies, and brings knowledge and experience in working with international organizations.


Eva posses a wide experience and knowledge in the areas of leadership development, management, communication and personal development and uses this knowhow to customize the approach whether the need is individually, team or organizational based. Every approach, though, will always result in the stakeholders making or being advised to an action plan for future implementation. The action plan will reflect the organization strategy; the stakeholders will feel ownership of it and primarily focus on short-term actions.   


Eva’s clients report that the feel they are being met, trained and coached into the specific context, they find themselves in. Their feedback reflects Eva as being direct, frank, present, empathic and knowing. Often they highlight their personal gain in form of specific and useable solutions, tools and actions.

Experience and Education

Eva is an Associated Partner in Trivium. Eva has 10 years of experience from middle management in Retail and Edutainment as well as 5 years of experience as an entrepreneur. Eva has worked as a HR-D consultant since 2010 and has shown good results in synchronization of employees, project teams and leadership teams. Eva is trained and certified professional coach, stress coach, DISC consultant, LSP facilitator and mindfulness instructor. Other relevant trainings are in sales, management, FISH! and Transformative Scenario Planning.

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