Workshops with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method

The most renowned and efficient method we work with, seems to be a bit of paradox or contraction in terms. Who would normally associate hard work with play? Who intuitively thinks robust dialogue and concrete action plans when a meeting room is setup up with boxes with LEGO bricks


Nevertheless, it is our experience that the method always overcomes the initial puzzlement or even scepticism. It does that because of the insight and results that it always produces. When a workshop with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method is designed, and facilitated well it unleashes play, learning and insights which creates a clear path to the goal


Playing helps unleash our potential. When we play the rules that limit us are suspended. When we play, we are more courageous and dare to explore what our habits, logic and reason often stop us from exploring. This is why we as facilitators very often see that people in workshops with LEGO SERIOUSPLAY are surprised by their own ideas, understanding goals, as well as those of others.


In Trivium we often use the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method, one reason for this is that our experiences with the method is supported by a number of research findings stating that “hands-on, minds-on learning leads to  a deeper and richer understand of the world, and the opportunites that it offers.


Finally, the method also rests on a set of values, which are central to Trivium


  • The solution is in the system
  • Everybody goes to work to do well, and has the potential to do well
  • We live in a dynamic and unpredictable world


Our work with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY has clearly demonstrated to us that it is an effective and practical process, which works for everyone and all levels in organizations. We have used the method across industries and cultures


Typically, we have LEGO SERIOUS PLAY to work on

  • Complex issues
  • M&A
  • Strategy development and execution
  • Transformative Scenario Planning
  • Change processes
  • Ide-generation process
  • Collaboration and team development

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