Strategy- development and execution

An Aspiration expresses the desired future state that a company wants to become. The strategy is the roads from the now to aspiration.

Trivium work with a few, but crucial, key concepts for successful strategy development and -execution:

  • The Company’s key personnel must me part of the strategy development
  • The strategy must be developed simple and practical, and experienced as such, and it must be manageable and understandable by each and everyone within the company.
  • The strategy must offer an opportunity to get answers to "why´s and how´s", thus ensuring ownership throughout the organization.
  • The strategy must be perceived as organic and adaptable as new insights are obtained and the world around the company changes.
  • It must be visual and present in everyday life.

Furthermore, it is our experience that strategies are as diverse as companies. In Trivium, we use different methods of strategy development and -excecution - depending on the company and the need. Among other we pick inspiration from Must-Win-Battles (Killing & Malnight) Playing to Win (Lafley & Martin), Execution (Bossidy, Charan & Burck), Blue Ocean Strategy (Kim & Maubogne) and Making Strategy Work (Hrebiniak) . We use include

  • Strategy Workshops with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method
  • Synchronising Team workshops
  • Coaching and synchronization of the top management team