Leadership development

Good leadership can be difficult to define. We all know what that is, when we meet it. And we know in particular what bad leadership is when we are confronted with it. But to put it in a formula is more difficult, although it is something many have tried. We all know the latest management trends. Perhaps they are meaningful in your company, and maybe they are not?

Today there are large and often conflicting demands on management discipline. As a leader you must be able to navigate in an unpredictable world with constantly changing requirements. One must be able to act among employees and to act politically in the board. One must be able to show empathy towards the employees and at the same time be able to cut through clearly focusing on the bottom line and efficiency. It requires one thing:

  • Managers have to be authentic and synchronized with their own values, attitudes and skills in relation to the demands and expectations that they meet from the company and the employees

In Trivium, we work with different ways to support this synchronization:

  • Mentoring & sparring
  • Coaching
  • Management Supervision
  • One2One Leadership Training