Complex projects

The project characteristics are major investments, complicated technical challenges, significant cultural challenges due to differences in national and company cultures. Our no-nonsense, pragmatic, and playing approach has often proofed to be the vehicle needed to ensure new momentum and final success.

Significant lessons learned by our customers:

  • ”1:10” The technical solutions cannot be challenged too much, as long they are only paper borne. Dry Runs, simulations, and other ways of testing solutions and processes cannot be overdone as far as the consequences only are changes in drawings and specifications. When the physical construction is under way the costs of changes is often raised by a factor 10, at least.
  • Establishing a durable co operational relationship among the different stakeholders and subprojects is paramount, and is often underestimated.
  • Communication, Communication and Communication is by far the most underestimated activity.

Trivium has been deeply involved in executing quit a number of our customers complex projects e.g. a Greenfield project, establishing a pharmaceuticals plant in Latin America, transportation and installation of off-shore converter platforms in the North Sea, development of an oil rig for the North Sea, and execution of a number of other complex challenges.

Our methods ensure that all know-how is launched across different stakeholder hierarchies and cultural canyons. It is the safe way to a successful execution of complex projects.

How can you utilize the Trivium expertise in executing your complex projects? In more different ways:


Trivium is involved from project launch to celebration, having an on-going dialog with stakeholders, and within the project organisation about momentum, and for the type of support needed.


Trivium is designing and facilitating project workshops to handle and find solutions to specific problems and issues, e.g.

  • Project Synchronisation (See separate Trivium service)
  • Dry Run. The project or part of it is simulated to gain insights in the quality of the solution and the processes to be chosen
  • Project identification and strategy

Coaching, Mentoring, Review

Trivium can also offer coaching/mentoring contracts where Trivium is involved in the dialogue with key players in the project.

Review of the whole project or part of it is another way of involving us in your projects.


In Trivium you are always welcome for a dialogue about your challenges. Contacts about complex projects are Gustav Anker Sørensen and Frode Horsted