"The best I have ever tried"

Those were the words from a participant at the Lundbeck Navigator Talent Program 2010. Trivium and the LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY ® method created great enthusiasm with a group of talents from Lundbeck.  The talents used the method to develop a strategy for a fictional pharmaceutical company.

More than usual teaching

Lundbeck wanted to create an innovative process where the company's talents had to learn in a different way than conventional teaching. Lundbeck selected Trivium and LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method for the task. In collaboration a case was developed with pharmaceutical company that was similar to Lundbeck, yet is sufficiently different. The participants received the case as preparation and would then role-play being management team, and as such they were facilitated by Trivium creating the new strategy and action plan.

"It was fantastic especially when it came to something as intangible as the term 'vision'. I have never before experienced, that there was no frustration due to poor communication in a team. We got the tools to keep an overview and a common thread in the discussion”, evaluates a participant.

From fictional case to concrete strategy

The consultants from Trivium delivered a workshop with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method, where the participants had to develop a new strategy for the case company. Participants built a 'today' situation, a depiction of the current state of the company. Then they built a new model that showed what the company could be come; vision. From there the 'management team transformed the personal models of the company's vision into a shared model of it, and eventually developed the Action Plan.

"It was great because everyone was active and dedicated to the common result. Furthermore, I am confident that we will be able to - for many years - to remember what we have done. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method is the most powerful process I have ever attended”, he said.

Finally the talents presented their vision to members for the current leadership in Lundbeck, who was impressed with the result.

"What we saw was that talents who on a day-to-day bases do not have to relate to business strategy or vision for the future, with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method were able to work very specifically with dilemmas in the case; and through that  experienced how a real Executive Group must make difficult and complicated choices in establishish and executing a strategy, "says Louise Vestergaard, Programme Manager in Leadership and Talent Deveopment.

The cooperation with Trivium started in 2010 where 15 out of 16 participants provided the highest score in the evaluation. The comprehensive program is a satisfaction of 9.25 on a scale where 10 is the highest and facilitators are evaluated to 3.66 on a 1-4 scale where 4 is the best. The program has so far run 5 times by January 2013.

"Great. Fun. The best I've ever tried”, says one of the enthusiastic participants.