Aligning a global team around common aims

ENRC Marketing Director Ferro-Alloys Alex Tattersall, needed to align his team on common aims for 2013. A one-day workshop with Trivium facilitators helped clarify their challenges and give awareness of the goals faced by a diverse, multicultural team.

ENRC integrates mining, processing, energy, logistics and marketing operations. Although the company deals all around the world, it also felt the implications of the financial crisis. 2012 was a challenging year according to Alex Tattersall (ENRC Marketing Director Ferro-Alloys). He wanted to start 2013 on a new and positive note by aligning his team in an environment of open dialogue. So he assigned Trivium to do a one-day workshop with this purpose.

”We have a core team in sales as well as supporting functions such as Human Resources, IT, Compliance and Quality Insurance units. I wanted to create an alignment of the team; to make us think in the same way,” says Alex and calls the workshop a ‘hugely successful day’.

Identifying common aims

During the workshop Alex Tattersall and his team found out they had lacked clarity. Due to the diversity of the ENRC’s operations, communication within the sales team is limited. The workshop served to bring the team together geographically and, from there, build a common awareness of where improvement is needed.

“The team needs to be better in terms of strategic clarity, communication with production plants and leadership,” says Alex Tattersall and emphasizes the importance the workshop had in terms of taking time out for working in a new format, through external facilitation.

 “I would like to see better communication with our production plants and if 15 people in the team name the same aims, we have a better chance of tackling that challenge.”

Efficient tool for a leader

Alex Tattersall needed a process that could run his team through the business in a new way and found that LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® was the right tool in the hands of skilled facilitators.

“Trivium facilitated a free atmosphere, the one that enabled people to say what they felt. For me, as a leader, giving everybody in the team an opportunity to talk openly was very important,” he explains.

Alex and his team were also glad, for once, to be rid of the Power Point projector and replacing the usual meeting agenda with the hands-on process Trivium provided.  By the end of the day they had developed a shared vision of what the team should look like by end 2013, and thus, what kind of team it would take to execute the corporate strategy. Making everything concrete in the LEGO® brick model created a relaxed atmosphere and made ‘all noses point in the same direction,’ explains Alex.

“I can honestly say that in this case the workshop itself was the benefit. No more, no less,” he says and concludes:

“We had fun while doing something serious.”